Cleaning and maintaining the main drain of your sewer line is something many homeowners occasionally are forced to do, and often it’s something many homeowners fail to do. The result, sewer backups with raw sewage and waste all over the floor of your home or basement. Keeping your sewer lines clean prevents sewer backups, removes tree roots and allows the property owner to keep tabs on the condition of the line.

In today’s plumbing industry, there are two forms of sewer cleaning, both readily available and both having pros and cons. Both services are readily available from local sewer and drain companies. Understanding the differences between each helps homeowners choose the right type of cleaning for their sewer.


Hydro Jetting is achieved by using a supply of water to create a powerful force of pressurized water to blast the inside of your sewer drains and pipes. Picture this as a pressure washer without the pistol grip where the water just shoots out of the end of the house. The stream of water is strong enough to blast out debris or clogs including hair, roots grease and more.


  • Hydro jetting is very effective as high water pressure can clean out most domestic and commercial sewers
  • Hydro jetting is a versatile for most applications and clogs


  • Extreme or unmonitored water pressures can cause serious ruptures in your sewer and drain lines leading to costly repairs. It’s critical that camera inspections be taken before, during and after the hydro jetting to ensure the survival of your sewer and drain line.
  • Because of the precautionary measures needed, hydro jetting is more expensive and requires the use of cameras, which lends to the price tag.
  • Hydro jetting is very messy and if the process takes place inside your home or basement around carpeted areas, you will have some floor cleaning to do afterwards.


Traditional drain snaking has been around for over 100 years and remains the tried and proven winner in sewer and drain cleaning. This method utilizes a motorized power unit that forces a steel cable into your sewer line and which has a spinning auger head attached to the end of the line. Drain snaking forces its way thru the sewer pipe pushing clogs out and cutting thru hair and roots clogs. Modern day units even have a retriever head that can lock onto solid objects and withdraw them (kid’s toys flushed down the toilets, shampoo bottles, hairbrushes, and whatever else end up in the drain).


  • Traditional drain snaking is an old and well established method of cleaning drains of the basic clogs and obstructions.
  • Snaking will not damage fragile or old sewer and drain lines



  • Snaking only clears a path as large as the auger head being used. It is critical that the technician gradually increase the auger head to full clean the pipe walls thus resulting in multiple passes in the sewer or drain line.


Both drain snaking and hydro jetting clean sewer and drains lines of most basic clogs and obstructions. However, hydro jetting is more powerful and versatile. Hydro jetting not only removes the clog, but it cleans and descales the interior of the sewer and drain lines much better. For grease and mineral buildups, hydro jetting wins the test. Hydro jetting is also more expensive and carries with it more risks for damage. Hydro jetting also creates a very wet environment in your basement or home and the potential for wet carpet and floors during the cleaning is much more prevalent.

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