Plumbing Repair

At Girard Construction Group, one of our main goals is to provide clients with licensed, certified plumbers and accessible repairs and installation services. We continue to be one of the few and true 24 hours a day, year round emergency plumbing contractors and are Medina County’s only around-the-clock repair company. From water line bursts, breaks, and sewer line backups to failed septic and waste systems, one call does it all at Girard Construction Group. Let our plumbing technicians handle your emergencies, day or night. Below is a summary of our services…


Basement waterproofing and foundation drainage was what started our company. From failed sump pump systems, cracked foundation walls and clogged footer tiles and drain lines, our on-time, professional plumbers and affordable services will have your basement dry and enjoyable for many years to come. We also install basement egress window and door systems, digital backup pump systems, storm water back flow prevention and elastomeric waterproofing membrane systems. Call us today to assess your water problems, and to help you make the most affordable and meaningful solutions toward a dry basement. We are a Marflex 5000 Installer – the industry’s most trusted and enduring foundation coating available.


Utilizing camera diagnostics and line locating equipment, Girard Construction Group can handle all basement sewer backup or drain line issues. We service most sewage and ejector type pits inside your basement including sewer ventilation problems and underground drain line clogs. Drain cleaning can be accomplished by either snaking or water jetting processes, and damaged lines can easily be replaced even underneath the concrete slab. Our plumbers are trained and able to provide you with emergency plumbing services day or night, holidays and weekends alike.


It’s a Saturday night during a snowstorm and you realize your toilets won’t flush or the alarm panel on your septic or HSTS is going off. Now what? Where do you go or who do you call? Girard Construction Group has you covered with our 24 hour emergency septic services. Whether a failed pump, a clogged distribution box, or saturated field is to blame, we will have you up and running in no time. Most of the time repairs can take place on site without the need to order parts of have downtime. On-call plumbing services are available 24 hours a day, on holidays and during inclement weather.


Winters in Northeast Ohio can be brutal on our homes, cars, landscaping and surprisingly, the underground utilities. Surges in moving water thru cold pipes and more importantly, through weaker pipes can trigger a water line burst. Often times a pipe burst doesn’t present itself visibly but thru low water pressure, dirty or stained water color and most obviously by increased water bills. Our plumbing technicians can quickly track and isolate underground water leaks with a sonar resonating line leak detector. Once found and excavated, the repair is made and the area is backfilled. We stock most types of pipes and fitting for repairs at night or on weekends thru our 24 hour emergency services.


Whether it’s a service call in the middle of the night or a general cleaning and maintenance concern, Girard Construction Group has you covered. Tree roots, substrate settling, loose pipe joints, old sewer line failures, and improper discharging of materials and objects into your sewer line can wreak havoc on your home. Our cameras can quickly track the source and location of the problem,  which allows our plumbers to determine if a line cleaning or sewer line repair is required. Clogged sewer lines generally can be opened up and returned to a near new flow condition with traditional sewer snaking and water jetting. Trees roots and other natural infiltrants can also be removed with either snaking or water jetting. If the blockage is due to the sewer line itself, excavation and replacement is usually the corrective procedure. Our plumbers will have you up and running with minimal downtime, 24 hours a day.


Our mobile water jetting system blasts and cleans drain lines and culverts up to 18 inches in diameter. Ask us about our yearly maintenance programs designed to prevent costly sewer repairs by keeping your lines clean and flowing.