Dry Basement Waterproofing

Just about everyone reading this article has probably attended some form of home and garden show in their lifetime only to witness booth after booth of contractors claiming to be the best. And just about everyone can relate to the daily coupon, flyer, brochure and mass-mailing literature inundations we receive in the mailbox everyday claiming the latest and greatest in pizza, pet care services, and the notorious waterproofing companies. Every time you turn around, someone out there is laying claim to some radical new form of basement waterproofing broadcasting major price slashing, minimally invasive services and ecofriendly product lines. The reality of this entire paragraph is that nothing in it is real or true except for the aggravation in trying to decipher who is right or has the best system.

All throughout history, a home’s foundation has remained a giant masonry build located in a giant lake of surrounding water. That’s what are basements are, nothing more. Ground water surrounds each and every basement, and unless properly protected the RIGHT way, each and every basement leaks costing homeowners more than 6 billion dollars a year nationwide. This is the reality despite all of those latest, greatest and painless claims above. Here is the reality to end your study. All basement foundations must be waterproofed from the outside (with one small exception). As the area’s most trusted contractor, we have over 30 years of absolute-satisfaction clients all of whom had waterproofing performed by us from the outside of the home. Water invading your home comes from the outside of the home, in, and therefore it only makes perfect sense to attack the problem where it came from. Outside!

Dry Basement Solutions

Hiring a contractor to work inside your basement with an interior waterproofing system works, and it saves you money. For today at least. Interior waterproofing is a Band-Aid approach to a dryer basement and not only will you pay for this service, but down the road, you will ultimately end up waterproofing the home from the outside. In essence, you will pay double just for the convenience of quick and cheap now. The worst thing you can do for your basement is to pass storm and rain water thru the foundation into an interior waterproofing system. This not only weakens the blocks, but it erodes the mortar joints, invites mold and maintains a higher humidity than homes waterproofed on the exterior.

Dry Basement Systems

Your home is the largest investment you will ever own or maintain. Foundations issues are the most expensive repair a homeowner can make. Protect your foundation, your life and your future by defending the basement walls from water on the outside of the home regardless of contractors offering to sell you any other variation of waterproofing