WATERPROOFING…..the dreaded frontier of home ownership…..
Basement waterproofing remains a silent and mystified concern of all homeowners. The “what ifs” remain frozen in the back of every homeowner’s mind; these fears remain tucked away due to the financial doom and structural chaos that accompanies wet or leaking basement walls. Wet and leaking basement walls present health hazards such as bacteria and mold, and can destroy home furnishings, electronics and valuables. The decision to waterproof your home is never an easy one, but a necessary one if you have a wet basement.

Girard Construction Group was founded with basement waterproofing as our bedrock service. With so many years of waterproofing experience, it’s difficult to hire another contractor when your basement starts to show signs of mold, humidity, moisture and water intrusion. Backed with product warranties ranging from 40 years to lifetime, our company can handle every basement water problem with ease and expertise. We are also the areas only certified installer for the Marflex 5000 Waterproofing system – an industry gold standard when it comes to basement waterproofing.

With thousands of waterproofing companies springing up yearly – all claiming to be the latest and greatest – and offering services and products seen on TV commercials and in mailbox flyers, it’s hard to understand the do’s and don’t’s when your basement starts to have water issues. Girard Construction Group has made a career out of one single form of basement waterproofing, and that’s the only way. The right way.

Traditional basement waterproofing remains, to date, the only tried and true method of giving homeowners a dry and usable basement once again. This method of waterproofing involves excavating the outside of your home, business or structure and sealing the water from the exterior of the basement. Keeping storm water where it belongs on the outside of the structure is the only form of basement waterproofing that cannot be argued, doesn’t fail, and is incontrovertible to properly waterproof your home or office.

One of the dangers in choosing less expensive, more trending waterproofing is that all of these other systems involve passing storm water thru the foundation. These other waterproofing methods actually bring storm water into your home! Passing water thru your homes basement walls into an interior collection system excludes the needs for messy excavating, but decreases the life of your walls. Water weakens mortar and blocks when passed thru over time. Bringing the water into the basement to avoid traditional waterproofing and excavation also presents mold and humidity issues on the inside. Ineffective interior systems use cumbersome wall panels and coverings which remain an eye sore. The bottom line to waterproofing is to STOP all of the water where it belongs, on the outside of the house.

Rest assured Girard Construction Group is skilled and efficient when it comes to maintaining the health of your basement. When you are experiencing wet or leaky walls, moving water or moisture issues in your basement, let the local experts handle your project from start to finish. If financial concerns have kept you from waterproofing your home, we offer many forms of financing including low-interest improvement financing thru Wells Fargo and GE Capital and several other lenders. Call us today to discuss your basement waterproofing.